Smarter Plumbers. Smarter Plumbing Solutions.

Plumbing Nerds is the new name of the Florida division of Eco Plumbers. Eco Plumbers remains in its home state of Ohio, and Plumbing Nerds is the new vision of one of its former partners, based here in Southwest Florida. And while most companies will assure you they will give you the same service and the same quality as you’ve come to expect, our pledge is to give you something better: Smarter Plumbing Solutions.

Plumbing Nerds is all about bringing you the latest solutions to your plumbing issues.

The latest in terms of equipment and technology, delivered with nerd-like enthusiasm. We’ll find you the best solution, explain your options and give you the short and long term pros and cons of each. We always try to see things more clearly and help you do the same. Because when you see things clearer, your solutions can be smarter.

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